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An asset. That’s how real property value is defined.

You want to buy, sell or optimize your real estate, you put your heart into this project which, often, is the most significant of your life, so Gallay Group SA is committed to using all its skills and knowledge to support you and help you make it a reality.

Based on my experience in the real estate market, in collaboration with competent partners in various fields, such as the development of digital solutions in 3D or in real estate financial expertise as general planners and in general enterprise, from design to completion, We will offer you a complete service and effective support.



Finance, a concept that so well pairs to our country Switzerland. Trust, reliability, know-how and anticipation are some of Gallay Group’s financial pillars.

In addition to these essential but abstract qualifiers, there is an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and value-added delivery.

With solid support and expert and personalized advice, we can then dare to embark on a successful project.

Whether for our group or for third parties, our creed is "Analyze, Dare, Realize".


The event and lifestyle can be added, separated, multiplied, but in no case rushed or botched.

They may seem superfluous, but for Gallay Group SA, they beautify life, allow us to meet and communicate, thank or get to know each other, they invite us to celebrate and express our joy of life.

Events and lifestyle are areas that have too many links to be ignored, but never too many to be overlooked.

Outdoor Band
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